Proud to be an Electrician

Sam Rowe - Electrician in Plymouth Devon

A strange title you may feel but to me this statement is one which hopefully every electrician will stand by. But is this reflected by their work and standards?

Every electrician is different, which means as the customer it is important you know what will work best for you. Let me explain in more detail.

Qualifications and experience
Some electricians have trained and qualified as an apprentice over a number of years, others have taken a theoretical based college or university courses and some have taken short training courses. Whichever route they have chosen, it means that they are qualified to carry out work in your home (providing they hold the certification from the course).

I myself took the apprenticeship route to become an electrician in Plymouth, and over the course of four years gained my qualification through a combination of college and on-site learning. 12 years later and I’m still here, No matter what I’ve learnt through my career, there is always something new to learn as the industry is always changing and developing.

In today's climate, any young person considering an apprenticeship in my opinion should be encouraged all the way. It is too easy to sell ‘quick fixes’ but the knowledge and skills that are gained through a true apprenticeship should be embraced along with the mistakes which inevitably happen along the way. I’m glad I was not ‘out on my own’ when making those mistakes, I had the benefit of a qualified electrician to help me work through, correct and learn from them.

As a result of my apprenticeship I gained my experience by working with other electricians in Devon, I learnt the best methods of working, how to select and use the best materials, how to produce exemplary work. Above all I learnt the art of customer satisfaction – a customer who is happy to pay for the work, and I can leave in the knowledge that my work is done to a high standard as expected and safe.

So why did I set up Rowe-NET? Simply because I wanted to do more. I didn’t lack the skills, knowledge nor experience, and I certainly didn’t do it for an easier life (I work harder than ever running my own business) I did it because I am PROUD!