Sam Rowe

I have been in the electrical industry for over 10 years.
Over that time I have developed a passion to ensure my customers have their work completed to the highest standards. Simply put if they’re happy, I’m happy.

Back in 2007 I entered the trade as an apprentice after finishing school. My brother  being part of my inspiration to enter a trade as he himself is a bricklayer. Having always been a hands on person entering a trade myself just made sense.

I chose to become and electrician as I had a passion for electronics at school, when I started studying as an apprentice electrician it was clear that electronics and electrical installation are two completely different things. I enjoyed my training throughout my full four-year apprenticeship and gained a lot of skills and experience along the way, I was made redundant after completing the first year of my apprentiship working for a large Plymouth based firm which got hit by the recession, I quickly and luckily found another job to continue my apprenticeship with who I saw out the rest of my training and continued to work for up until starting Rowe-NET.

With my passion in hobby electronics and my qualifications in electrical installation, testing and certification I chose to enter the industry on my own to be able to follow in my own ventures such as home automation and other smart technologies due to the way technology has become entwined into our lives, having smart homes helps to cut our energy consumption by automatically switching off lights when we leave our homes or turn on when we arrive home and more recently voice assistants make controlling the home much simpler whether its lights, heating or even the TV or music..